“When you tell yourself that you should feel or be another way, you are likely to feel bad about yourself. As an alternative, try telling yourself that it is okay to feel or be the way you are, even though you have some idea that you should feel or be different”

– William Hudson O’Hanlon

What are the Fees for your services?

Fees for my services: OHIP does not cover the cost of my services, but most private insurance plans cover services provided by psychotherapists. Please check with your employer to determine how much coverage your insurance plan provides. Individuals with a family member (spouse or parent) who is working may be eligible for coverage through the family member’s benefit plan.

How can Get more Information / Make an Appointment?

Although I have established a standard fee, I also operate on a sliding fee scale. When a new client does not possess the means to pay the standard fee, I am open to arranging a lower fee in collaboration with the client.
Getting more Information / Making an Appointment:

My office hours are by appointments only.

Please call my Office Phone No. (416-454-6654) to make an appointment or for more information. When I am not available, please leave a message on the voice message system. I am usually able to return calls by the next working day. I ask that notice of cancellation for any appointment be provided by the client at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled time.

I welcome self-referrals and referrals from other professionals. If I feel that the client’s concern would be better dealt with by another professional, I am willing to arrange an appropriate referral.