Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy has always primarily been an art, not science. It is often referred to as talk therapy where the therapist works collaboratively with the client to explore problems that the client may be feeling deeply overwhelmed by.

Psychotherapy helps clients explore their ideas about life, emotions, behaviours and certain situational events that are the cause of their sufferings. A psychotherapist tries to understand how a client can explore their hidden strengths as a solution to their respective issues.

Psychotherapy teaches you problem solving skills

Psychotherapy helps clients restructure their selective negative thoughts, their internal attributions about negative events in life, their avoidant coping styles, negative self-labelling, and their impaired past and future orientations.

Psychotherapy teaches clients problem solving skills so that a client can regain a sense of control in life, identify triggers, over-come insecurities related to past traumas, and improve their relationship with others.

Clients can benefit from psychotherapy if they have overwhelming sadness, a sense of helplessness, difficulty concentrating, an inability to complete daily tasks, have excessive worry, or have suicidal thoughts.

The best time to seek help

The best time to seek help is always when:

  • A client finds that their feelings are getting too overwhelming for their physical or emotional well-being.
  • One is having difficulty coping with traumatic life events.
  • Individuals experience challenges and setbacks in their lives, which sometimes may feel overwhelming.

Seeking the assistance of a trained psychotherapist is a mature and healthy way of dealing with issues, which, if left unresolved, could lead to considerable distress.